No Worries Hawaii

By allabouthawaii

February 7, 2009

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Half of Hawaii’s 8 million yearly tourists are first-timers, often unsure of which island to visit, where to stay, and what to choose to do. “NO WORRIES HAWAII“, a companion book to the Sprout’s Trailblazer Travel Book adventure guides for each of the islands, comes to the rescue. The book is also useful for repeat visitors or locals looking for new adventures.

Readers first take an “armchair voyage,” in which they visualize the type of vacation they’d like to have, what their interests are, and what type of surroundings they’d prefer. These likings are matched with what Hawaii has to offer. A clever but simple self-test allows readers to sort through Hawaii’s assets-beaches, nightlife, trails, gardens, attractions, cultural sites, surfing, snorkeling-36 categories in all, to determine which are important and which island is best.
In the second part of NO WORRIES HAWAII, readers take their decisions from part one and receive all the practical and money-saving advice needed to book a vacation that makes the armchair voyage become a real one. Included also is a complete list of what to pack.
The third part of the book is full of tips on what to do-and what not to do-after arriving in the islands. Readers will deplane as kama’aina (locals), having the benefit the Sprout’s 20 years of exploration. Sections include how to plan days to maximize fun and avoid hassle, finding free entertainment, and other cost-cutting options. Readers are advised on how to, and whether to, book tours (snorkeling, sailing, helicopter, horseback, etc.). The book’s safety tips are a literal lifesaver, and the everyday advice on driving, hiking, and beach-going essential for a smooth vacation.
The meat of NO WORRIES HAWAII is its Best Of section,a listing of Hawaii’s top things to see and do-rainforest hikes, snorkeling coves, walk-around beach towns, surfing spots, museums, places to watch surfers, mountain bike trails, botanical gardens, peak hikes, cultural sites, luxury resorts, volcano hikes, bird-watching forests, waterfalls, remote beaches, family beach parks, and more. Taken together, the 50 categories neatly sum up the best of Hawaii. Readers can use these listings as a reference when they get to their chosen island.

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